About Us

One of the questions I hear often is

"Why Cornhole?"



In 2013, I found myself working in the finance industry after recently graduating college. I enjoyed the work I was doing but was searching for more. I began researching different businesses and markets to determine what kinds of opportunities were available. In my research, I stumbled upon Cornhole and realized that there were very few places that offered a high quality product. I bought a small sewing machine and decided to learn everything I could about the game. From there a passion developed and grew into a business manufacturing and selling cornhole bags. I decided to leave my full time job and pursue this passion wholeheartedly.

As the industry has grown, so have we, offering a wide array of games that can be enjoyed at any age! Although we have gotten bigger, our primary focus has remained on providing excellent service to our customers. Our products may not be the most inexpensive on the market, but we deliver a quality that will last at an affordable price.

We strive to continue to grow and build relationships with our customers that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for visiting!

Emory Johnson, Owner of Tailgating Pros